When are sessions held?

My family sessions are held starting the hour before sunset for lighting purposes. All photos in my family portfolio were taken during "golden hour" which is the hour before sunset. This allows for optimal lighting. No bright sunshine in your eyes. Just beautiful, flattering light.
If the timing doesn't work for your family, try a different time of year when sunset is either earlier (later fall) or later (summer).

Newborn sessions in your home are usually held in the morning around 9 or 10 am or afternoons.

What should we wear?

When you book a session I will send you my session guide that has info about what looks best on camera. I also recommend that you send me a picture of your outfits weeks before the session so I can guide you in the right direction if needed. Not the day before! You don't want to be scrambling!

Can I choose the location?

I have a list of my frequently photographed locations. Although my favorite place to shoot is the beach, I'm open to new places too! Of course this depends on lighting. We will discuss this when you book with me.

Do you do maternity, couples or high school seniors?

Yes! My family pricing reflects pricing for most other portrait sessions as well. I have some maternity and couples photos in my portfolio that you can see. Seniors are priced differently. See the specific page for seniors.

Where should I order prints?

You will have a professional online store connected to your online gallery. These are the best quality you can get! They ship right to you or order as gifts and send to family.

Can I book a mini-session

I only offer mini-sessions to those who are on my email list, and usually only once or twice a year. Join my list on my contact page to be in the loop!

Do you photograph extended families or large groups?

I do not. I like to focus on the connection of individual families during my sessions. I am happy to refer you to another photographer if you have a large group.

When will I get my photos?

You will receive a watermarked proof gallery of at least 100 photos (likely lots more because I have a hard time narrowing down!) within 1 week. From there you have a week to choose your favorites. You are able to upgrade your gallery to more photos if you wish.
You will receive your final photos 1-2 weeks after selecting your favorites.

How do I book a session?

I never thought you'd ask :)
My contact page is linked at the bottom of this page! Answer a few questions to get the process started!

What if the weather doesn't work out or I have to cancel?

If it is raining or poor weather we will reschedule.
If you need to cancel, per my contract, the deposit you paid on booking will be applied to a future session used within 12 months.

What if my kids don't behave or smile?

I have two boys and know how kids can be- so don't be embarrassed if they won't cooperate perfectly! I know that bribing does not always work either so I don't really encourage that. Remember I want this to be a relaxed time so don't stress anyone out with everything needing to be perfect.
I never force anyone to smile. This is the beauty of lifestyle photography- I take you as you are.
Remind your family that they are going to play and run around and have some fun together. Let me know ahead of time if there is anything I can do to help- I will send a questionnaire to learn about your family and get to know likes/dislikes.
I encourage lots of tickling to get more natural laughs- A genuine laugh/smile is SO MUCH better than a fake "say cheese" smile.

Do you get the classic "Everyone Looking" photo?

Yes, I usually do. I certainly can do my best to capture this for you if it is important. But remember, my sessions are not centered around this one photo. I aim to get authentic photos of your family interacting. Sometimes the little ones just won't cooperate and that is ok! Take it for what it is... real life!

How many photos will I receive and do I get the digital files?

Yes you get the digital files! You'll see all the best photos from your session in your proof gallery.
Please see the page appropriate to the type of session you want or reach out and ask me!

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